There is an urgent need to gain a complete understanding of our groundwater resources in terms of quantity and quality!

With ever increasing demand for water and increasing drought conditions, exploration is the critical next step.



This website has been created to address the important need for exploration to define existing and find NEW Groundwater Resources.

Methods are available for location of groundwater aquifers using state-of-the-art technology!


TWO approaches are available:

Ground Based:

Ground based exploration methods are applied for location specific exploration. The methods include Resistivity and TEM.



Airborne methods using helicopters and/or fixed wing aircraft are applied for regional exploration The methods are the same.

Each method has different capabilities and limitations.


What we do and how we do it:

Groundwater Exploration provides consultation and education on low cost, simple ground based electrical exploration methods.

Much is known about the resistivity and conductivity of the Soils and Rocks.


You can do this too!

We help empower Ranchers, Farmers, and other Landowners to learn how they can measure and map their groundwater resources.

We provide education, training, and tools to measure and manage your groundwater resources!

Our company is based in Arizona with emphasis on Arizona and Cochise County.


NEW: Water Supply and Demand.


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